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“life without passion is like
a painting without colour”


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There are hairdressers, and then there is Benni Tognini; the man who has inspired an entire generation of stylists, and the original power house behind the TOGNINIS brand. Considered the father of avant garde hairdressing, Benni is an enigma in the world of high fashion hairdressing, shying away from the bright lights of celebrity and stardom that have taken him all over the world. With a string of international accolades, including World Master of the Craft, you are more likely to find Benni training and inspiring the next generation of stylists coming through than schmoozing it up at the latest nightclub opening. His dynamic mind and uncompromising commitment to technical excellence and innovation has put Benni at the top of his game. He is one of only eight members worldwide forming the prestigious Global Artistic Team for Matrix. An artisan and an educator, Benni is a man driven by a passion to succeed in an industry that embodies his very essence. -


Salon role? Creative Guru
When start @ Togs? 1997
How long hairdressing? 35 years
What do you love about your work? The creative energy
Favourite magazine? Culture/ Distill/
Interior Designers & Architects/ Pol Oxygen
What are you listening to? Douf Douf Music
What makes you laugh? Tracey @ times
Favourite pastime? Heading to the coast to chill out on the
beach with Tracey and enjoying a wine or three on the deck
What can’t you live without at work? My scissors.. all 16 pair
Best travel location? Italy and NYC
Best beverage? Coffee / Alcohol
Favourite cafe/restaurant? Pearl and E’cco
What I love about Togninis? Love staff that want to grow
Current hairstyle I love? Curls and hard edged cuts
Fashion icon? John Galliano



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