news OCTOBER 2015


back to the 90s day

On Monday 21 September, we flashed back to the 90s. All your favourite Togninis Team members went all out to ensure a great day was had by all… The Back St Boys, Ginger Spice, lots of “Clueless” girls and double denim was trending. The 90’s soundtrack of the day ensured lots of great memories and the Macarena featured in a late afternoon “dance-off”. Thankfully the only thing Current was the clients hair styles on the day… unlike the teams Butterfly clips and piggy tails. It turned into a party … an early celebration of togninis 5 years in Wandoo St. Thanks to everyone who came along! •


benni flies to las vegas

Benni has flown to Las Vegas for Goldwell’s 2015 Global Colour Zoom Challenge to present cut and colour techniques to the assembled hairdressers. The event is an international showcase held every year in different destinations around the world that sees over 3,000 stylists from 54 countries attend. Benni has taken two local models and a fashion stylist from Melbourne, showing the local talent to an international crowd. David, Tracey and Jules will be there to complete the team. He said he was an honour to present, cut and colour with the team to the thousands of guests. Congratulations Benni. •


new 'how to' videos

He’s back….Jules has released a new series of ‘How To’ styling clips on his lil’ off the top youtube channel. The videos teach everyday humans styling techniques in a language they can understand. From how to talk to your barber to how to short hair slick look or how to men’s long hair half top knot, Jules it making sure everyone out there no longer has a bad hair day! Check out the videos here. •


protect your hair this summer

It may be slip, slop, slap for your skin but it is also protect, repair and enhance your hair this spring time with Kerastase’s Soleil line. UV rays can damage your hair making it dry and brittle but the Soleil line will protect and repair your hair against the external aggressions. The products are formulated to improve water retention, reinforce the hair cuticles, hydrate and ensure the hair has a smooth touch. Users should wash their hair twice on towel-dried hair before applying a walnut-sized amount to the lengths and ends. You should massage for 5 minutes, emulsify and rinse. Make sure you protect your hair this summer time. •


have you had a skin consultation?

True or False: Skin should feel squeaky clean after you cleanse?

FALSE! Ladies (and gentlemen) your kitchen floors should be squeaky clean, not your skin. Too often I hear my clients telling me that after they cleanse their skin, it feels tight and that they need to put moisturiser on ASAP! You are effectively removing all the surface moisture from your skin and then having to go and replace that again with moisturiser. It makes absolutely no sense at all!

Bar soaps, no matter how moisturising they say they are, cleansers that lather up with loads of bubbles like your shampoo, alcohol based products and really anything that leaves your skin feeling tight with that squeaky clean feel is a big no no!Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine and if you aren’t doing this effectively then you are setting yourself up for a home care that will either work for you well for you or not at all. It is make or break really.

When did you last have a skin consultation with a Skin Therapist? Have you ever had a ‘skin plan’ written up for you? Do you have skin concerns that won’t go away? Did you know that your skin can change with the seasons so your products may need to as well? If you would like to know more please come in and see our Skin Therapist Morgan for a complimentary consultation to chat about your concerns and what steps you can take to gain a better result. •

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