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hello and happy new year to all the fabulous
friends and family of togninis!

We are excited to be back behind the barber chair for 2015 offering you the absolute best in all things hair and beauty. With our dreams as big as always, and the plans to reach those dreams even bigger, we will be putting blade to bang like never before. Expect amazing submissions to many global hair competitions, some very moving charity involvement, (kicking off with Hair Aid in January), not to mention some show stopping events!

Stay in touch with all the salon happenings by liking us on Facebook @ Togninis and @ aka Togninis, as well as subscribing to Jules’ lil off the top YouTube channel for more awesome vids to come this year. Let us help with some New Year motivation by freshening up your look and offering you that much needed post-holiday beauty appointment, we will be indulging you with many new products, treatments and trends available in salon.

- Tognini's Team •


benni in indonesia – hair aid

While January is usually a time spent recovering from Christmas indulgences, holidaying and relaxing, Benni Tognini travelled to Manila in Indonesia, on behalf of a charity initiative called Hair Aid, to help teach many locals who are living in poverty the trade of hairdressing.

Benni, Emiliano Cataldo and Catarina Di Biase all travelled to Manila for one intensive week to meet Hair Aid founder, Selina Tomasich, and educate the youth, children and families about hair, from cutting techniques to employment and survival.

While the experience was incredibly confronting and eye-opening , due to the poverty that many of these families lived in and the multitude of hygiene problems they endured, Benni said that it was a wonderful feeling to be offering these communities with a brightness of future.

Last year, the group raised $3000 at their first ‘Shhh’ event, which supported Hair Aid, so this is just the beginning of a long-standing relationship between Togninis and Hair Aid.

Now, with a local hair salon franchise called David Group on board these hair education weeks are equipping locals with a skill set to go on to future employment in companies within their communities that they may not have previously had access to.

Benni will be working alongside what is now over 60 interested hair industry insiders internationally to raise funds and awareness for this great cause this year, and has his sight set on returning to Manilla in 2016. •


balayage and bright’s

aka Togninis’ resident colour goddess, Grace, is letting you in on her salon secrets for 2015, revealing that balayage and brights are still the most common colour services that the aka Togninis team is asked for. Grace said she really digs that the Togninis clients trusts their colourists enough to have a little fun and push the boundaries. The emergence of graffiti brights came to light about 12 months ago with celebrities like Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner setting this trend agenda.

“I think the brighter tones will definitely hang around for a while, focusing more towards the ends of the hair,” said Grace. “Colours like yellow, teal, turquoise and violet are definitely my favourite pops this season,” she said.

Balayage, a look that has been around for a lot longer, is still a hot pick this season, however Grace explains that the look has really evolved.

“The ‘super dark roots to lighter ends’ trend is on its way out., with colour now looking more luxurious, glamorous and sophisticated,” she said “We have refined a technique called ‘finesse balayage’, which is a more detailed balayage with the sections a lot finer to create a more seamless colour.

“It's a lot softer, prettier and more natural looking. This is probably my most favorite thing to do in the salon because when it's done correctly it can really enhance the clients features.”

The best summer hair action is not restricted to in-salon this season, with Evo hair products playing hero on the shelves of both aka Togninis and at home! Grace’s product-crush right now is “Fab Pro” a customized take-home colour treatment.

“We mix it up in the salon to whatever the desired colour the client wants and they can use it once a week at home,” said Grace. “It’s such a great product because, not only is it an amazing conditioning treatment, the client also gets that salon looking hair in between visits.”

What’s the ultimate colour advice from aka this season? Grace proclaims it is all about the process. “If you are wanting a massive change, be prepared to look after your hair - gone are the days of ratty grown out hair - beautiful, cared for hair is in,” she said.

Don’t forget to have a little fun! Bright colours are awesome, everyone should embrace exploring outside the conventional colour pallet, and aka and Togninis have the very best products to look after any shade you choose. •


staff profile: ryan king

He loves icy poles, girls and really short haircuts. Togninis adopted son, Ryan King from East London, has an exciting year ahead of him as he celebrates his one-year with the salon in February and submits his first collection to the Australian Hair & Fashion Awards. •

A little about your background: I started cutting hair when I was 17 after suffering from a bad injury playing professional football in London, it was time for a career change so I chose hairdressing. My first job was at a salon in London called Ginger Group and I was there for about 5 years. I had some awesome experiences with this company, including doing the hair of many celebrities including my football team West Ham United. 2 years ago I moved to Australia and one year ago next month I started with the team at Togninis.

Area of expertise: Short hair cuts on both men and women. Mainly on women!

Career highlights to date: This would have to be submitting my very first collection for the HFA (Australian Hair & Fashion Awards) in November. I am really pleased with my work. The collection is called Flare and its very true to my style of strong hair cuts on gorgeous women.

Hair trends for the season: Short and choppier fringes, as well as punchier colours.

Hairs tips: Don’t wash your hair too often. Play with different products and then utilise the build up to manipulate styles.

Best thing about working for Togninis: The opportunities that are presented are great. I have just come back from doing a tour as a regional ambassador for Evo. The experience at Togninis is all there in the team and you learn daily. There is a good family feel to the salon.

Favourite coffee: Short black at Reverends in Fortitude Valley.

Guilty pleasure: Icy poles and women.

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